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  Beijing In-Great Information Technology Ltd. --- established on Jan 8th, 2003, is a specialized company. Always taking network security as the core business, it's dedicated to network security product development, product sales and services. In-Great values the business philosophy of being honest, creative, solid and fair. At present In-Great is taking advantage of its resources to develop firewall products with fully independent intellectual property rights, as well as providing domestic clients with outstanding international firewall products and relative network security solutions.
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In-Great's Empl... 2009-11-16
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Beijing 010-82780452 82780453 Contact:Xu Fan
GuangZhou 020-85544650 85544830 Contact:Deng Jinbing
Shanghai 021-64600744 13601879279 Contact:Li Zhenxing
Shanxi 0351-7236763 13546713907 Contact:Yang huan
Shandong 15864242471 Contact:Yang Chunwei
Support Hot-line:800-810-7778